In order to maintain flexibility and adaptability in the Bolide Finance contract ecosystem, all contracts have been designed with upgradeability in mind using the Universal Upgradeable Proxy Standard (UUPS) proxy pattern. This pattern offers a robust and gas-efficient method for contract upgrades, allowing the implementation to be swapped in case of bug fixes, improvements, or feature additions.

Each upgradeable contract in the Bolide Protocol inherits from the UpgradeableBase contract, which encapsulates the core logic for upgradeability.

Notably, all upgradeable contracts also include adminable and versionable features. These attributes provide enhanced control over the contract, with adminable offering administrative rights and versionable supporting version management of the contracts.

Abstract UpgradeableBase contract encapsulates the logic for upgrading contracts using the UUPS proxy pattern and forms the base contract for all upgradeable contracts in the Bolide Protocol.

The UpgradeableBase contract is a cornerstone of the Bolide Protocol, requiring a careful and detailed audit to ensure the secure and correct implementation of the upgrade mechanism, given its critical role in the protocol's adaptability and future improvements.

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