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πŸ‘‹Welcome to Bolide App

🐳 What is Bolide App?

Bolide app is a smart self-custody Web3 app that leverages the UX of Web2 to unleash the power of Web3 and allows users to hodl, track and transact their crypto assets and access all β€œBolide Earn” functions. Designed to be simple and accessible to people without prior DeFi experience and built in a secure & robust way using the latest industry safety standards, the Bolide app is the smart, simple, and secure way to store & earn on top of your crypto.

πŸ’‘Our vision

We create financial technology to provide global access to a new economy.

πŸš€Our goal

Our target is to build the next version of the current neo-banking solution for future market adoption while combining the latest technology of the decentralised market with simplified user experience such as: automated returns on crypto assets (via own earn solution combining top DeFi market lending protocols and DEXes), easy transfers between friends and β€œsaved” contacts, margin trading, retail payments, off/on ramp, NFT trading.

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