⚑Bolide V2

Introducing Bolide Finance V2, our enhanced DeFi app for crypto investments. With our new multistrategy approach, your funds are efficiently distributed across various strategies, maximizing earnings

Let's explore the meaning of Multi-strategy:

Our enhanced algorithms continually monitor each strategy's performance - Lend-Borrow-Far and Leverage Lending. If a strategy is underperforming or has potential for higher returns, our AI intervenes and adjusts your fund allocation to enhance your Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Unlocking Efficiency: Automation To enhance simplicity, Bolide Finance V2 leverages Gelato automation, seamlessly managing all processes behind the scenes.

We have embraced an automation->strategy->logic framework, providing you with enhanced flexibilityπŸ‘‡

  • The strategy component encompasses the algorithms that drive our asset management and investment strategies.

  • The logic contract acts as a seamless connection to external protocols, simplifying the integration of new protocols. This means that transitioning from Lending Protocol 1 to Lending Protocol 2 is as straightforward as implementing a new logic contract, while maintaining the integrity of our system. This approach enables swift and secure implementation of new protocols, creating more earning opportunities for you.

Trustless and backendless

Bolide Finance V2 operates entirely on-chain, employing a backendless approach. Only statistical data is stored in the database to provide historical APY and TVL, the rest of the data comes directly from Bolide smart contracts. The new V2 supports multi-chain and gives access to various protocols and assets.

Upgraded V2 vaults Users have the option to access V2 through any of the Polygon vaults, as well as the recently launched vaults on the Binance Smart Chain for BNB and USDT. Over time, the range of supported assets and chains will continue to expand, offering users more choices and opportunities.

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