Bolide Protocol recently released V2 of its DeFi system which introduces multistrategy functionality, allowing several strategies to connect with one storage, evenly distributing deposited liquidity among them. The Multistrategy module includes general contracts and strategy-related contracts specific to the protocol and underlying tokens.


List of the Multistrategy contracts:

  • StorageV3 (it was audited twice, just small changes)

  • Multilogic

  • SwapGateway

  • Automation

These contracts are unique and are key to the functioning of the system.

  1. StorageV3 (contracts/StorageV3.sol): The storage contract, now in version 3, was previously audited in version 21. So you can audit only changes in this version. It includes a token policy feature, a change to the UUPS upgradeable pattern, and native token deposit support (BNB, MATIC, etc.). Live version of StorageV21 you can find in our mainnet contracts, for example Stablecoins vault https://bscscan.com/address/0xf1f25A26499B023200B3f9A30a8eCEE87b031Ee1l or link for GitHub with latest audited version https://github.com/bolide-fi/contracts/blob/master/strategies/low_risk/contracts/Storage.sol

  2. Automation (contracts/Automation.sol): This contract enables the automated use of tokens and rebalancing mechanics with Gelato or Chainlink automation.

  3. Multilogic (contracts/Multilogic.sol): This contract connects to storage and holds strategy metadata. It manages the flow of tokens between Storage and Logic contracts, serving as a coordinator and allowing assets to be spread across multiple strategies.

  4. SwapGateway (contracts/SwapGateway.sol): This standalone contract allows swapping on any supported DEX.

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