Bolide aims to provide an ecosystem with a variety of Investment Strategies

Automated DeFi yield aggregator

User deposit assets (ETH, BTC, USDC, USDT, BUSD, DAI) to the Bolide Vaults smart contracts. Then the Smart Contracts invest the assets with an algorithmic-based selection to lending and farming protocols. This step is called Strategies. The flow looks like this:
1. Based on Strategy, Bolide invests your assets into different audited, high-liquidity DeFi projects.
2. Farmed tokens by Bolide are subsequently exchanged with $BLID tokens and credited to your account as a profit (%).
3. You can instantly withdraw your assets and all the profit earned at any time. No limits, no lock up period.



Ecosystem Strategies (Indicies + DeFi)

Automated portfolio of digital assets based on specific index invested into DeFi protocols.
(coming soon)

Investing Strategies (initial offer)

Assets are invested into crypto projects at early stages or on special conditions for Bolide users.
(coming soon)