2021 Q4


  • Kick of Bolide MVP development
  • $BLID Token deployment
  • 10B $BLID minted on Ethereum blockchain
  • Private sale landing page

2022 Q1


  • Bolide White Paper
  • Seed Funding round
  • $BLID token listing on UniSwap
  • Bolide MVP Beta 0.1 version launch
  • Product page launch
  • Seed Funding round
  • Marketing campaign #1 "Community"
  • $BLID token listing on MultiChain, PancakeSwap
  • Airdrop (1.6M $BLID token drop)

2022 Q2


  • Liquidity Pairs Farming
  • $BLID token staking
  • $BLID token listing on CoinGecko
  • DAO Community Building
  • Security audit with Hacken
  • Marketing campaign #2 "Beta Boost"
  • $BLID token listing on CoinMarketCap
  • $BLID token listing on ApeSwap
  • Partnership marketing

2022 Q3


  • Release ETH Vault (BNB chain)
  • Release BTC Vault (BNB chain)
  • Listing on DefiLlama (Yield section)
  • Partnership with ApeSwap (BLID-USDT farming pool, BANANA->BLID staking pool)
  • Update landing page (rename strategies to vaults, list all available vaults, provide more information about vaults and underlying strategies for the community)
  • Marketing campaign #3 “The Data”
  • $BLID listing on Lbank Exchange
  • Partnership marketing

2022 Q4

  • Update web app: add more information about vaults, history, and current liquidity structure
  • Marketing campaign #4
  • Market coverage extension with new token vaults (BNB, XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, Polkadot)
In progress
  • $BLID token Private sale preparation
  • 2nd audit of smart contracts

2023 Q1 & Q2


  • Executing the $BLID token Private sale
  • Launching Vault on a new chain (Ethereum or Polygon)
  • Improving APY by introducing new Strategies
  • Improving the BLID token utility by releasing “Boosting 2.0”
  • Simplifying product usage by introducing “Cross-chain deposit”
  • Enhancing security by passing smart contracts audit
  • Continuing working on a new version of Vaults called “Multi-strategy Vaults” to improve product APY and security
  • Bolide will start expansion to Ethereum and Polygon chains
  • We plan to introduce “Public API” for easy integration of Bolide into 3rd party services
  • Will integrate Bolide into wallets as DApp.
  • Launching new Strategies


  • Participation in Blockchain Paris March, 20-24
  • Participation in Bitcoin Miami May, 18-20
  • Ambassador program launch
  • Referral program update
  • KOL campaigns
  • Series A Fundraising
  • Onboarding new B2B clients
  • Partnership with Trustwallet
  • Short educational videos in TikTok and YouTube
  • First community meet-up in London
  • Hire talented people in Web3 (Marketing team, BizDev team, Developers)
  • $BLID token listing on Tier 1 CEXes (Huobi, Coinbase, Kraken, Binance)