Bolide is running an APY Sharing Campaign on a weekly basis. Share the screenshot of your deposit and win 450 $BLID tokens

How to participate

To participate you need to fulfill next conditions:
  • Subscribe to our Twitter​
  • Share a screenshot of your deposit with a hashtag matching the way of staking you've chosen #bolide_lowrisk, #bolide_farmig or #bolide_staking
In 48 hours we will summarize the results and send $10 to 25 lucky winners. As the campaign will be held every week. The starting post will be published on Monday at 4 pm UTC and last until Wednesday 4 pm.

How to make a deposit

  1. 1.
    To make a deposit go to You will need to have stablecoins for depositing and BNB to pay the gas.
2. Choose your wallet from the list.
3. Click the DEPOSIT button
3.1. Give permission to access your stablecoins
3.2. Choose the exact amount to stake and sign the transaction on MetaMask
4. Share your deposit screenshot with your wallet address and a hashtag #bolide_lowrisk if you deposited in Strategy, #bolide_farmig for farming and I guess you already caught the point with #bolide_staking
Good luck! πŸš€
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