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How to Bridge

If you need to swap tokens or stablecoins on different blockchains, you can do that on either centralized exchanges or DEXes.Many DEXes work within a single network, like Ethereum, but you can get around this by using bridges - both a quick and cost-efficient solution for swapping assets between different chains.

What are bridges?

A blockchain bridge is a protocol linking two blockchains to allow them to interact. If you're a bitcoin owner but want a part of the DeFi crypto-action on the Ethereum network, a blockchain bridge does that for you without selling your bitcoin.

How to use bridges?

Option #1
We recommend using Li.Fi widget that you can access without leaving the Bolide dapp. Follow screenshots below to learn how: 1. Open the Bolide dApp and go to the 'Buy Bolide' section.
2. You’ll see Li.Fi widget, select the desired chain and amount of BLID you’d like to bridge. On the screenshot below we’re bridging BLID from Polygon to Binance Smart Chain.
3. If everything is correct - click on “Start bridging” and that’s it. Please note that this type of transaction might take up to 1hr to complete.
Option #2 Use external bridges, we recommend CBridge from Celer Network. 1. Go to CBridge by this link, connect your wallet and make sure you’re at a “Transfer” window. Select the amount of BLID from/to networks.
2. Approve BLID tokens and secondly approve bridge transaction by clicking “Transfer” - that’s it.