Does Bolide mint new tokens?

Bolide does not mint new tokens and we explain below why: 1. Token BLID was minted on Ethereum mainnet and function mint cant be called again according to the code: -- function mint(address account, uint256 amount) onlyOwner external { require(timestampCreated+1 days> block.timestamp,“Mint time was finished”); _mint(account,amount); } -- 2. We use Multichain/AnySwap to bridge BLID from the Ethereum mainnet to BNB Chain. So all minting on the BNB chain is regulated by Multichain, not the Bolide community.
Let's dive into the code: --- … mapping(address => bool) public isMinter; address[] public minters; modifier onlyAuth() { require(isMinter[msg.sender], “AnyswapV4ERC20: FORBIDDEN”); _; } …. function mint(address to, uint256 amount) external onlyAuth returns (bool) { _mint(to, amount); return true; } … function getAllMinters() external view returns (address[] memory) { return minters; } ---
It means only “minter” can call mint. If you call BLID.getAllMinters(), you will receive 0xabd380327fe66724ffda91a87c772fb8d00be488 - this is the only address who can mint. The 0xabd380327fe66724ffda91a87c772fb8d00be488 address is AnyswapV4Router contract, not Bolide owner contract, it is owned by Multichain.
So only Anyswap bridge can mint BLID tokens, on BNB Chain only when the exact amount of BLID tokens are frozen on Ethereum mainnet
3. Here is a list of tokens that use Multichain to bridge tokens
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