Bolide Season Pass NFTs

Welcome to the exciting world of Bolide NFTs!
We're thrilled to present our revolutionary Bolide NFT raffle, where you have the chance to collect unique digital assets and qualify for a special prize pool.

Introducing Bolide Season Pass NFT

What are Bolide NFTs

Bolide NFTs are one-of-a-kind, digital collectibles that showcase exclusive artwork and content. Each NFT represents a distinct piece of art or content that cannot be replicated or replaced, making them truly unique and valuable.
  • Monthly NFT Collection Drops and Season Pass: Each season and every month, we will be unveiling a brand new NFT collection. As a Bolide NFT collector, you'll have the chance to own and cherish these limited-edition pieces. By default we consider the season to be 3 months (winter/spring/summer/autumn) and 3 NFTs, but this can change and will be announced at the beginning of each season.
  • NFTs will be launched on Polygon: You will be able to mint NFT with your #BLID token at or buy at any NFT marketplace (i.e. OpenSea). Note that the supply will be limited for every drop.

Raffle mechanics

  • How to Qualify for the Raffle: To participate in the Bolide NFT raffle, you'll need to collect all NFTs released within a specific season - this will be your Season Pass. A season typically lasts for three months, and to qualify for the raffle, you must hold all NFTs from that season in your digital wallet. The more Season Passes (collection of all NFTs dropped in the ongoing season) you gather, the higher your chances of winning in the raffle!
  • July'23 NFT Collection Launch: Our inaugural Bolide NFT collection will be released in July'23, marking the beginning of this exciting journey. Ensure you grab the July NFT to kickstart your collection and be eligible for the upcoming raffle!
  • Prize Distribution: At the end of each season, we will hold a random raffle drawing among all qualifying participants who hold the complete set of NFTs for that season (Season Pass). The prize pool will be generously shared among 30 lucky winners. Prize pool will be announced before each season begins and for the summer season our prize pool is 3000$ in BLID.

Random drawing:

To qualify for the raffle user should hold all seasonal NFTs in the wallet at the date of the raffle. To pick the winners we will follow the process below:
  • Snapshot: At the end of each season, a snapshot will be taken to identify users who hold all Season NFTs, making them eligible for the Season Pass and raffle participation.
  • On-chain random selection: The raffle winners are randomly chosen on-chain using a smart contract after identifying qualifying addresses in the snapshot, ensuring transparency and fairness by preventing manipulation or bias.


  1. 1.
    First summer season NFT drop will be in July
  2. 2.
    Second summer season NFT drop will be in August
  3. 3.
    To get a Season Pass and participate in the raffle you should hold both July and August NFTs in your wallet by the date of the raffle. Please note, Season Pass is not a separate NFT, but a qualifying criteria of holding both NFTs.

Raffle Winners Announcement

As our NFT raffle approaches its conclusion, we're thrilled to host a live AMA raffle event tomorrow 12/09 at 1:00 PM UTC!
Good luck to all participants!

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