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Is the app free?

Yes! You can get it for free on the Apple Store.

When is the Android version coming out?

Our dev team is on it, aiming for a 2024 release.

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Which networks does the Bolide app support?

The Bolide app is EVM-based and supports Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Base

Is the Bolide app secure?

Absolutely! The Bolide app is non-custodial, incorporates multi-party computation, account abstraction, and MEV protection.

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Something interesting about the Bolide app?

Bolide put together on-chain data analysis with a risk-level system to offer clear information to its users for making trading decisions in the web3 market.

What are the tech plans for 2024?

Check out our tech plans for 2024 on our roadmap.

Who's behind the Bolide app?

We're a small team based in the heart of London. Our devs bring a decade of experience in blockchain, smart contracts, and cybersecurity, led by our CTO, ex member of Hacken – top audit company. Our CPO has successfully launched over 50 products, accumulating 100M+ users in highly profitable marketplaces for mobile and web apps.

Got questions?

Email us at help@bolide.fi or DM on X/Twitter

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