Roadmap 2024/2025

2024 Q1

  • Fiat to Crypto (On-Ramp): Simplify access with a streamlined fiat-to-crypto onramp.
  • Interface Efficiency: Optimize speed for a smoother user experience.
  • Earn Optimizer: Maximize earnings with personalized suggestions based on trust score and APY.
  • Bonus Points: Boost engagement and learning with a dynamic bonus system.
  • Android: Expand accessibility with a new Android version.

2024 Q2

  • Margin Trading: Elevate your strategy with advanced margin trading features.
  • Token Rank: Stay informed with a ranking system for better investment decisions.
  • Off-Ramp: Effortlessly transition from crypto to fiat with a user-friendly offramp.
  • Tax Calculation: Simplify tax processes with builtin calculation tools.
  • Referral Program: Earn rewards by inviting others through a lucrative referral program.

2024 H2

  • Spending Crypto: Explore seamless ways to spend your crypto effortlessly.
  • Trading: Token Sets:Diversify your portfolio with token sets for strategic trading
  • Trading: Scheduled Transactions: Plan and execute transactions at your convenience with scheduled trading
  • Transfer to Friends: Share crypto easily by transferring funds to friends within the platform.
  • KYC Integration: Ensure security and compliance with integrated KYC processes.
  • Extensive Analytics: Make informed decisions using comprehensive analytics tools


  • RWA Trading: Explore real-world asset trading for a diverse investment portfolio.
  • Commodity Trading: Engage in commodity trading to broaden your investment horizons.
  • Stock Trading: Seamlessly trade stocks within the platform
  • AI-Based Trade Assistant: To enhance your trading strategy with an AI-based trade assistant for intelligent insights.
  • Issue Debit Card: Issue a debit card directly from the platform.
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