🌅Bolide Season Pass NFTs

Introducing Bolide Season Pass NFT

Welcome to the exciting world of Bolide NFTs!

We're thrilled to present our revolutionary Bolide NFT raffle, where you have the chance to collect unique digital assets and qualify for a special prize pool.

What are Bolide NFTs

Bolide NFTs are unique digital collectables commemorating your activity and progress within the Bolide community.

Unlocking the Benefits

Earning your Seasonal Pass NFT is a multi-step journey. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Event NFTs

Participate in each of the 5 events held during a single season, and you'll earn unique Event NFTs for each one. These NFTs mark your active participation in Bolide's exciting activities.

Step 2: Accumulate Event NFTs

Once you've collected all 5 Event NFTs from a season, they come together to unlock a significant achievement – the Seasonal Pass NFT for that season. Your Seasonal Pass NFT reflects your dedication to Bolide's community and your active involvement throughout the season.

Step 3: Seasonal Pass NFT

With a Seasonal Pass NFT in hand, you qualify for the Bolide raffle at the end of each season. Your journey through the events not only commemorates your participation but also brings you closer to winning exciting prizes in our raffle draw.

End of (each) season mini raffle:

  • 3 Bolide T-shirts

  • Discord seasonal role

Grand Finale Raffle:

This three-step process rewards your engagement and loyalty, culminating in the chance to claim fantastic prizes through the Bolide raffle. The grand finale includes a final raffle for anyone holding any 2 seasonal pass NFTs. This will be held after the end of the final season [summer]

Grand Finale reward pool:

  • 2000 USDT

  • 10 Bolide T-shirts

How many seasons are there?

There are four seasons each year: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. They will start in October, December, March, and June, respectively.

Raffle mechanics

Random drawing: To pick the winners we will follow the process below:

Snapshot: At the end of the Bolide Season Pass [right after the Summer season pass], a snapshot will be taken to identify users who hold at least 2 Season NFTs, making them eligible for the Season Pass raffle.

On-chain random selection: The raffle winners are randomly chosen on-chain using a smart contract after identifying qualifying addresses in the snapshot, ensuring transparency and fairness by preventing manipulation or bias.

Stay Updated!

Make sure to stay connected with us on our social media channels and website to receive regular updates about new NFT drops, upcoming raffles, and exciting announcements.

We may surprise you with bonus NFTs and exclusive perks for active community members along the way!

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