🎄Bolide iOS App Winter Wonderland!

Unlocking 2024 By Our New Year NFT Collection convertible to point system!

The Bolide team is thrilled to unveil our latest NFT campaign for the upcoming New Year. 🎄

We're excited to offer our dedicated Bolide community members the opportunity to collect exclusive digital assets, experience our cutting-edge app, and earn valuable points!

Ready to dive in? 🚀

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Download the iOS App and Share Your Thoughts at the Apple Store: Begin your journey by downloading our Bolide App and leaving a review on the Apple Store.

  2. Complete the Form with Your Email and Bolide Wallet Address: Fill out a simple form with your email and wallet address to ensure you're in the loop.

  3. Top Up Your Wallet: Get started by topping up your wallet with min $20 to unlock the full potential of our new app and earn amazing NFTs.

  4. Engage in Token Swaps: Swap tokens regularly; we'll be tracking the frequency of swaps every Monday. The more active you are, the merrier! To participate in Winter Wonderland, you need to make at least one swap to the $BLID token.

  5. Reply, Repost, Like and Bookmark our Twitter/X post about Bolide Winter Wonderland #bolideapp

Complete these five steps, and you'll receive a festive Christmas Tree NFT!

But here's the exciting part:

Exclusive Rewards for Top Participants: The TOP 100 customers showcasing the highest deposits and swap activity, both in frequency and volume, will receive a coveted Golden Tree NFT!

And that's not all – we're taking it a step further: 🎅

New Bolide App integrated point system will be launched in January 2024:

All Bolide NFTs earned during last campaigns will seamlessly convert into an integrated point system within our customer app. Your digital treasures just became even more valuable!

Your digital treasures just became even more valuable!

Join us on this exciting journey as we Unlock 2024 with a celebration that blends creativity, engagement, and rewarding experiences. 🎉

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