⚑Beta Boosting

On March 29, we officially launched the open beta version of the platform. This means that access to the platform will be publicly available, but the number of places is limited so as not to overload

The Beta version of the platform, available to all, invites everyone to take part in testing. For initial users, Bolide prepared a unique offer β€” APY Boosting to get the initial TVL. This will allow users to experience Low Risk High Yield Strategy with an APY up to 50%. That’s a perfect opportunity to make your stable coins passively get safe profit. Bolide’s First Strategy has been created for bringing the best possible yield on the market with risks tending to zero.

Also, Bolide provides a community airdrop for the initial users of the platform. This means that part of the funds will be distributed among the original users of the platform in order to achieve decentralization and distribution of platform ownership. Details TBA.

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