🀝Proposal Process

How to submit a new proposal

Have an idea for a proposal? Cool!

  1. Start the initial discussion on Discord in #proposals You can gather feedback from the community on your proposal. Don’t worry about writing an β€˜essay’ to explain your idea. Keep it simple and understandable. Gathered all the feedback you needed? Ready to make your proposal official? Great!

  2. If your proposal is fully formalised and does not require funding and/or code changes, make a submission on Snapshot! Submit on our Snapshot page directly any proposal which does not require funding or changes in the code. Go to snapshot.org/#/blid.eth and start a topic. Remember that the minimum threshold for this action is 15,000 $BLID. Please note that if your proposal requires funding or changes in the code, you must publish it on our Bolide Forum as well as Snapshot for at least 5 days.

  3. If your proposal does require funding and/or code changes, submit post your proposal on our Bolide Forum. If your proposal includes funding or changes in the code, you need to start a new topic in our Bolide Forum under the section β€˜Proposals’ and describe your idea following this template. Make sure you include the link to the Snapshot proposal in the description.

Thanks for participating in growing our project with your ideas! We are stronger together.

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