💰How to deposit

A step by step guide

Before using Bolide you will need:

In case you use Binance - open your account on Binance and connect with the MetaMask wallet.

If you use a chrome browser it is recommended to have only one active wallet extension because two or more of them might have a conflict. To check it in your Chrome Browser press the extensions button -> Manage extensions and make sure that only one wallet is activated (the one you want to connect to Bolide). You need to add the Binance chain to the wallet if it is not there yet. Here is a small instruction on how to do that.

  • Add stablecoins to your wallet: $USDT / $USDC / $DAI or $BUSD.

The process is super simple when all is set:

  1. Go to Bolide official website https://bolide.fi/

  2. Press the "Connect Wallet" button.

You chose the wallet that is activated in your browser. You will be asked to enter a password or activate with a QR code. When the wallet is connected you can see the address of the wallet in the right top corner of the window.

4. Go to the "Low risk" Strategy window and press the "Deposit" button.

5. Choose one of the following stablecoins $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, and $BUSD from your deposit window and press the "Approve" button.

6. Add the amount of stablecoins you want to deposit and press the "Deposit" button.

7. The total amount + gas fees will be displayed. Press the "Confirm" button.

8. Transaction successfully completed. Press the "Close" button

9. Congratulations your deposit is now opened!

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